The Company

International Business Development

Kogoma Conseil has been created to propose solutions to the companies that are looking for worldwide expansion of their activities, based on our knowledge in different fields & personal experience in multicultural international environments: from international real estate investment to luxury goods, from engineering to accounting, from telecommunication to construction, from sales to marketing.

What do we offer?

We offer a multilingual advisory to the small and medium companies who want to increase their own business and sales, in their home countries or abroad.

Our services are:

  • Market analysis
  • Commercial check up
  • Prospects database and analysis
  • Domestic sales advisory in temporary management
  • International sales advisory in temporary management
  • International investment advisory
  • Linguistic services: translation, communication, etc.

In order to achieve the best results, our advisory is not just a “theoretical lesson”, but a team work with the clients.

How do we work?

After a preliminary check, regarding the company, the products and the target market, we plan the activities with the company, monitoring constantly the achievement of the different intermediate targets, and correcting the strategies according to the development results.

We apply then the most powerful and innovative sales techniques, derived by NLP and other systems, to increase the redemption of the sales forces, training, teaching and coaching the companies’ sales forces with on field support and training.

This approach leads to warranted results, but don’t forget: the target is achieved only by teamwork!

Where do we operate?

During the years we focused our skills and knowledge in the main international markets, i.e. Western and Eastern Europe, Russian countries, Middle East, U.S., Far East and South-East Asia.

We provide direct services thanks to our multilingual team, in English, Italian, French, Japanese, Russian & Hebrew.

Do you want to increase your sales? We are here for you! It doesn’t matter if you produce hosiery, electrical equipment, food or jewellery, we can sell it!

Développement Commercial International